Heating the house

I don’t. I live in Florida. Way down south Florida. The place I rent is a little pricey. However I never ever pay for heat. It was a little bit chilly this year. So, out came the sweat shirts, socks, and one more blanket. Worth the price of living here? Yes, I think so.

Purging what I own.

I went though my closet today and got rid of all I could. I have 4 sets of scrubs, one for each day of the week. Plus a funeral outfit, rain coat, rain pants, 3 pairs of shoes, and my my her’s ashes. They’ll get mailed to her final resting place probably tomorrow.
I like to do the periodically. Maybe every 2 months or so, so keep my area clean and clear. Now I’ll go through my electronics, and sell or give what I can, and toss the rest.
I have maybe 15 or so books to read through, and then I’ll sell them on Amazon FBA. Make me a little cash.
Take care, kids.

My seven year plan. Just a skeleton of the plan.

First two years go through nursing school. Pass. Done.

Get a job at the first place that will hire me and stay with that discipline for the rest of my nursing career. The job was been secured June 24, 2013. This has turned out to be a wonderful career for an aging nurse. Dialysis. No nights, unless you do nocturnal dialysis, which our unit does not offer. Done

Year Three. This is where I am now. Pay off remainder of school loan. I still owe just under 17,000. I will have this paid off by Dec. 31, 2015.

Year four. Continue to work as a dialysis nurse. Save 18,000 by May, and take the month of May off. Head up to NC, pick up a Tumbleweed trailer. build a 20 x 8 foot home. This will be my house from now on. Save for retirement.

Year five. Become a dialysis travel nurse, stay in warm places always. Save for retirement

Year six and seven. Same as five, except start looking for places to retire.

I can’t even go into the kitchen to cook.

I’ve been eating out 4 out of the last 8 days. I can cook, I like to save money, but to step into my little dark kitchen is overwhelming to me right now.

My save money/side hustle should be eat in. I’d save probably 200.00 a week. I have 2 more weeks of vacation. I came across 48 bottles of Ensure when I was dumpster diving last week. I could start there. And for lunch, maybe something very easy, no heat tuna sandwich.

We purchased some really lovely balsamic vinegar day before yesterday. Maybe I’ll ask my daughter to saute the zuch’s we got.

Little bit at a time. Just plugging a long.

Up at 0400

I have gotten up at 0400 for years. I’m on vacation now. I still get up at 0400.

I packed up a box of books to send to FBA. I may nap later in the day, but for now I Ate my biggest frog of the day. (Thank you, Brain Tracy).
I have been looking at the pile of books sine Jan. trying to get to it. Nothing more that some hidden trigger kept me from it. Do you have those? A sticking point? Something that makes the thing you need to do stupidly huge?

Signing off, Beth

Things I want to cover and talk about as time goes by.

Food, living is Thailand, bikes, Key West trips, Everglades, FL, NC, books, money in general, DIY, cats, names, contests, family, living in a small house, CO, minimalism, dumpster diving, naps, waking up early, FBA, Morse code, sticking points, Discipline, baby steps, tenacity, love, absence of all feeling, chocolate, plus more as I think of them. And not in this order, either.