Purging what I own.

I went though my closet today and got rid of all I could. I have 4 sets of scrubs, one for each day of the week. Plus a funeral outfit, rain coat, rain pants, 3 pairs of shoes, and my my her’s ashes. They’ll get mailed to her final resting place probably tomorrow.
I like to do the periodically. Maybe every 2 months or so, so keep my area clean and clear. Now I’ll go through my electronics, and sell or give what I can, and toss the rest.
I have maybe 15 or so books to read through, and then I’ll sell them on Amazon FBA. Make me a little cash.
Take care, kids.

2 thoughts on “Purging what I own.”

  1. I do a similar purge of my closet every few months. It feels great to get rid of things. I currently have what would be called a “tiny” closet by today’s proportions. I like it because it actually forces me to be minimalist with my wardrobe and stuff I store in my closet. I can’t imagine I’d have the same motivation with a large walk-in closet.

    1. You’d probably do I what do, and think about how I could live in that space if I didn’t have so much stuff. The first time I thought that, I knew I had to move. The incentive to fill those spaces is great. Thanks for the comments.

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